Till my last breath..

I wish I had known long ago
how rough our bond would turn
out to be despite of all the
affection in your eyes melting
my conscious to stop the
negativity engulfing me every time
that this won’t last long till I
find myself all alone giving you
my hand to notice my cry of help
where tears once running down
my cheek begin to dry with your
sudden deceit leaving me empty
and cold with contempt but still
some part of my soul wanted you
to come and shout your reasons of
distrust when everything was going
so perfect with us retarded with pure
joy of sharing our darkest secrets together
just with the intention to provide comfort
in the dread of times but what still bruise me
the most is confiding in you was a blooper
I ll never forget till my last breath!..

A penny for your thoughts…

When in dire need of sympathy

Feeling the ground beneath your feet giving away

Statues once breathing, standing still day after day

Words like swords piercing through heart already

Claims of propriety repeating somehow in a foul play

Needless battles still in full swing with intended display

Legendary tales of ton started fading with their decay

Taking sides in heated debates is not a fair way

Getting what you say is rather an outweigh

Playing mum like a puppet was a wise option okay!

A penny for your thoughts is what I am never gonna do anyway..

Her eyes

Her eyes danced with merriment

With the euphoria of liberty

Letting her hear the sound of passion

Bargained with her musings

Vowing to make her merry

With the constant persuasion of heart

Greedily agreeing to every pathaway

Just to make sure

She was radiant and gleaming

Knowing how scarcely she grins

Avoiding vendetta of evils pawning her threshold

Letting the air of contempt engross her

Overlooking her intrigue speaking volumes

And nipping every evil in its bud

Too Good to be true!


Frightened from the beginning
From the false hopes and gauge
Trying to keep on running breathless
From my fate and belongings
Never knew how much hard it was
To pursue your desires ,your commands
A pack of wolves were there to flare
From everywhere tormenting to have my flesh
Scrutinizing me with scowling eyes
Attempting to devour me with blood thirst venom
Waiting for me to drift apart
Why were they disguised as saints
When knowingly they were sinners from the very
Like the eagles ,always meddlesome and mean
Trying to out run every other bird hopping to get food
From the evil spell of treachery
Leaning on me to get doomed
Unnerving me on every turn but
Forgetting ,somethings are never too good to be true!

You See!!


You see my Lifestyle
Yet you see me frown my brow
You see my unthankfulness
Yet you see me glow
You see my attire
Yet you see me scarce
You do see me destitute
Yet you see me lavish
You fail to see my dismay
Yet you see me rattle
You see to ignore my insight
Yet you wonder about my fright
You do see me glim and glam
yet you despise my fumble and tumble
You act aloof about my forgery
Yet you know this is all charity
You better know than the rest, this is a camouflage
Yet you remain to be obstinate
You see to know my forlorn agony
Yet you appear to feign morality
You know I wish to bring you joy
Yet you fail to see me wretched
You know I pray we be affable
Yet you oath to be irrationable