My Wicked Angel!

You are the…..

Sole star of my universe

Only Jewel  of my treasure

Caution before cure

Dragon to my slayer

Sparkle to my laughter

Reason to my way home

Delight to my eyes

Sight I wish to take every breath for

Addition to every curve of my smile

Wicked angel to my churnished soul
Knight of the shining armour

Protagonist of my every drama

Paradise on a gold platter

Inshort!You are the..

Drama queen of my kingdom filled with

Love I craved soo deep!


Empire of Faith….

Empire of faith to her

Is all about the gold crown

Inherited only when she steps

To the escalator of pure thoughts

Along with the cleansing of soul

Making sure no marks of black are

Prominent which were once faded

With the promise of forgiveness

And mercy awarding her the feel

Of blind trust in all the haphazardness

Of times when the shortcomings were

Evident but they just disappeared

Knowing the Empire of faith had an

Extravagant authority to tribute her

Soul with a glow to shine despite of

The hindrance in her way and still

Believe in purification is half the

The faith Convincing everyone to

Think it is a miracle Worth witnessing!

Raise a glass!

Here time is passing by day after a day
All jinxed up in awe of mischief raising a
Glass to cheer the inner demon of hell being
Wooed with traits; miserly and cheap jumbled
Up cheering each other on the demise
Of humans taking a plunge to dig their
Own graves with such a callous attitude
Not even realizing that inside each of them
There is a beautiful treasure called heart
Who wants to let go of the handcuffs of
Greediness and burning ache of sins all
Devoid of sharing the wealth with others below
Not paying heed to Karma which will explode will
Such grudge painting regret all over your faces so
Just get a bit of generous and save a little for the ones
Below who need a bit of kindness and compassion of
Money to get over the pain and will make references to God
For your contentment and ease in this life and here after

….Yet again….

  • Yet again she was busy cursing her
    fate for all the shit that has been
    happening to her or somewhere and every
    where not going in synchronization
    with what she had desired for long but
    yet again the high time came unannounced
    as a mandatory lesson not at all crossing
    her mind when she saw her owner asking to help
    her son sit in taxi where she was taking him for
    the check up, making her all blood drenched and
    fidgety with no way to back off now, reminiscing
    the long chats of her mates telling her about his
    condition from the very start knowing that he wasn’t like
    the normal kids ,always had been locked up his room for
    his disability to talk or walk but yet again she
    had no guts ever to interact with him because
    deep down she could not face the bitter reality
    of such misfortune in that young lad’s life but
    yet again the turn of events made her see him all
    Helpless with a long sigh and numbness about the
    torment of getting in the taxi, But yet again
    he was all ready and seated after bit of strain,
    Gone in a rush making her stay there and feel
    the disgust and pity for her black soul
    with tears running down her cheek ending in
    a pin drop silence of self loathe but yet again
    what she wished at that time was for the
    Earth to swallow her in ,for all the frustrating
    ride her mind had been, failed to see the bliss
    of the perfect body and features forming her
    Deranged mind to give shit to everything but
    again not ever considering about how fortunate she is though
    For everything ,when some crave to have it but yet again
    She recklessly ignored from the start!

Until You…..!


Didn’t even know he cared

Until I saw him fighting for me

Didn’t even realise how hard it was for him to provide

Until he commanded my every wish

Didn’t perceive he was so optimistic

Until he elaborated me his motives

Did know that he had a raging temper

But then he was right from the beginning

Didn’t I despise his condescending tone of voice

Until he cartered to my preferences

Didn’t even wonder what was to be in his shoe

Until I saw him feigning wealth to make sure I am ok 

Didn’t know he would easily let bygones be bygones

Until he saw me numb and broken

Wasn’t he always my consigliere

 Didn’t my naivety was the cause of diatribe

Until he enlightened my mind and soul

 Didn’t ever knew this all time that he was there

Yeah he was there and he was my Dad

I wonder why?

Photography-my-sad-storyI wonder why God is so gracious with us ? Its not like I am being gibberish for no apparent reason ,but I think we all have had our share of sheningans and sins, but yet here we are being granted every think we desire.I wonder why ? Though, obviously God knows better when He delay our wants ,waiting for the right time to give us everything.That everything sums up food, shelter, clothes, health,education.I believe these five makes us the richest people in the world, but Nahhh we humans have this inbuilt greed to get keep on getting something superior, overlooking the fact that ,we did get what we asked at the first place; But then again I wonder why we keep on getting all this bliss? Do you think we all deserve this? I don’t think so because what I see are our cruel intentions keeping on getting us stray.We are hypocrites remembering God only when we are happy or sad. God being God stills appreciates us for calling Him. But I still wonder why?? It might be because He might have sensed some tad bit of humanity in us; giving us chance to prove our selves ; by making us wonder about all those deprived kids begging on the streets just to get coins to fill their empty stomachs, or eyeing with awe and fascination yearning to be among one of us ,or kids famished and willing to get used food,because the thoughts of hunger unnerves them? There might be countless scenerios like these catching our gaze and  then I wonder why? Because God surely wants us to realize the worth of what we have, and be obliged so that He can bestow us even more .I wonder why? Maybe, it’s high time we should realize that, its better late than never ;we should start by being a better person and not take things for granted.The only thing that can help us ever is gratitude towards God. Yeah, our gratitude and humbleness will please Him and it ll work wonders for us. But don’t forget the poor need us. Let’s have generous hearts and give for the sake of God. At the end what matters are intentions then actions 🙂