My Wicked Angel!

You are the…..

Sole star of my universe

Only Jewel  of my treasure

Caution before cure

Dragon to my slayer

Sparkle to my laughter

Reason to my way home

Delight to my eyes

Sight I wish to take every breath for

Addition to every curve of my smile

Wicked angel to my churnished soul
Knight of the shining armour

Protagonist of my every drama

Paradise on a gold platter

Inshort!You are the..

Drama queen of my kingdom filled with

Love I craved soo deep!


Empire of Faith….

Empire of faith to her

Is all about the gold crown

Inherited only when she steps

To the escalator of pure thoughts

Along with the cleansing of soul

Making sure no marks of black are

Prominent which were once faded

With the promise of forgiveness

And mercy awarding her the feel

Of blind trust in all the haphazardness

Of times when the shortcomings were

Evident but they just disappeared

Knowing the Empire of faith had an

Extravagant authority to tribute her

Soul with a glow to shine despite of

The hindrance in her way and still

Believe in purification is half the

The faith Convincing everyone to

Think it is a miracle Worth witnessing!


Rain to her was a lingering
drop enveloping her face with
the purity of nature persuading to wave
off everything engulfing her sheer existence
drastically and trying to form her soul
intermingled with the intensity of passion
overwhelming with eruptions of cold breeze
going their way to her shimmering face
smelled of dew drops, making her look a sight
of constant bewitch along with the spell of
winds and rain hypnotizing her in the dawn of
the dusk not desiring her to bid farewell and
leave her terrace,her hermit zone, her place
bribing to stay a while longer here and
enjoy the compromise

A Sphere of Friendship….!

That phase of life made her scared
From the envious and cunning Earth
Making her want to stay away from everyone
Because she had heard somewhere before
They are your worst enemies
Will eat every bit of you with vindication
Observing why are all in vain to have them
Making her suspicious and mysterious
Of this sacred bond of friendship which
Had nothing to offer other than animosity
But sooner or later she found herself
Entangled in this web, breathing life
Giving her a chance to experience this meaning of attachment
Compelling her to omit all the odds and letting
Her open eyes and just see there are great minds
Thinking like her, searching for her
Without even asking something in return because
She realized that balance is restored
Nobody can end up having all bad days or all good days
Sometime it’s dawn and sometimes it’s dusk
And what matters at the end of the day is this bond
Comforting you in dread of times coping up
With everything with this tad bit of sphere called friendship

Her eyes

Her eyes danced with merriment

With the euphoria of liberty

Letting her hear the sound of passion

Bargained with her musings

Vowing to make her merry

With the constant persuasion of heart

Greedily agreeing to every pathaway

Just to make sure

She was radiant and gleaming

Knowing how scarcely she grins

Avoiding vendetta of evils pawning her threshold

Letting the air of contempt engross her

Overlooking her intrigue speaking volumes

And nipping every evil in its bud

Breathing Space!


Literally, there are several things in life we urge to do; praying that those “regret aches” never haunt us; they get dressed like a daydream, begging us to live the YOLO You Only Live Once) spell… Ironically, we keep on shrugging off such joys because of our insecurities, low-lying guts and relaying-on-others catastrophe. For once, just try getting acquainted with your own being omitting the odds and see the difference. It’s time to give yourself a break and start speaking your minds mates; you‘ll see the astonished result that, many like you want to be ridden of hermit zone and follow the YOLO league. A bit of drill is what we need to overcome the hazards of reluctance and enjoy our adventurous streak.

I developed this adventurous streak from my friends. I felt lively being myself, not caring about my attire with my girlfriends singing at the top of lungs; driving around at night just to enjoy rain, or It could be dancing to crazy Bollywood tunes at hostel. People do call you Lunatic, but who cares as long as it brings out the best in you. The road trips to hilly area makes you want to explore such majestic views showing How beautiful God is.The utter thrill is obviously in window shopping knowing friends around you as well can’t afford to buy everything ha-ha! Though, Ogling outside the shops is crazy but on a brighter note ;it does help you get acquainted with latest trends also with good people around you everything seems like a wonder. The typical mortifying and hilarious moments for all of us was to give the bill by putting all of our shillings on display and calculating loudly to get rid of the antagonizing and unnerving bill card.We didn’t care a fig about our sitting positions In taxi with eight or nine of us stuffed together in a taxi to avoid further expenses and people outside were just the tip of the iceberg. Living such moments helped me to laugh out loud and be a person who enjoys little happiness in everything.

I must say experiences bring out the best in one’s self. If we keep on thinking about our uncertainties and troublesomeness, then this won’t let us get out of the dark but will make us all cranky and chicken heart. I think embracing optimism can help us way more in letting go of our fears.  We all do have some rare friends; that are so good to be true, but they definitely help in broadening our horizons.Yeah! So in case we all want to have a bit of adventure then solely like-minds-think-alike friends are the best to relish every moment with.

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Ta-ta Temptation!


 I was wool gathering the other day how much I miss my cotton ear bud. Generally there are times when you need nothing more in this entire world other than an adorable ear bud. Yess!! It might be nuisance for some so called neat freaks ,who loathe when you get all lost in the magic spell momentarily, because beat that it’s worth the wait ;making you all dreamy and relaxed at the same time. I think makers of ear buds used a devastating potion in it, to makes us all scattered in our thoughts once we start moving it around the whole globe of an ear. Though, the euphoric bliss is not for a long time; because hearing out the disadvantages of using an ear bud will surely give you any one an apoplectic fit. Literally, I had been myself being all weary of listening about the stoppage of it; but habitually  I payed no heed to it; because yeah lets accept it we all become douche bags when it comes to comprehend and listen at a go .

What happened to change my mind were not only one but two life torments. Firstly, I had the cotton of ear bud stuck in my ear, and the doctor had to use some an instrument in it; My goodness!! It was traumatizing. He advised me to stop using it. Nonetheless, the conviction I needed was there, falling in my lap making me want to believe the obvious, but Nahhh! My persistent streak kept me in oblivion not giving a damn. Second brutal thrashing for me was , when my cousin accidentally playing with me dropped a small pearl in my ear ,and this time the doctor couldn’t even stop me from screaming at the top of my lungs along with my frequent muttering curses to my beloved relative under the breath. Finally,the agonizing state ending when I dropped of the idea of using an ear bud. I still crave for it like a dessert at crucial moments ,but then the horrid flashbacks of consequences makes my Satan at rest somehow 😛

So dear readers, stop getting fascinated by the thrilling site of an ear bud all wrapped up beautifully bamming you. They will try to lust you, leaving you wrenched with a weak heart but nevermind ,remember a forefinger is all you need to swirl around in an ear kingdom. 🙂

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I don’t actually realize worth of anything unless it is snatched right away for me making me feel heartbroken and all gloomy. We all have faced such situations in our lives where we take things for granted. We really are so not thankful for the little blessings in our life that has contributed to our happiness.

Like I treat my spectacles so roughly trying to throw them or getting rid of them because at times I feel they are immortal, they never ever die they are so stubborn .But one time I remember my sister incidentally broken them and I was “Oh my God !Shoot! I won’t be able to see properly”.They make my world look beautiful and clear ,without them I certainly have no existence. Similarly,I don’t really bother about my laptop charger dropping it here and there and the next thing I know is that the battery isn’t working properly. I felt dependent borrowing laptops from other people but who cares as long as I as I write enthusiastically.

I wonder really such things matter so much. These little blisses always keeps adding joys in our lives which we always are so ungrateful for. We don’t even think these think matters.We are like “Yeah! When a time comes we ll get another one” but the tomorrow never comes.It rather makes us lethargic and weak ,wanting the things never changing a bit.

Although charger or spectacles can be replaced but Do we ever ponder that so called life we take for granted will that be given to us again? Will we ever be grateful to God for many heavenly gestures He has bestowed upon us ?Never! Because we are born selfish.

Health is such a bliss in its glory when we can what we want to eat without even given second thought to consequences of eating all the unhealthy stuff that deep inside we know we should avoid but who cares when a moment on the lips we believe will stay forever on lips.Then we forget the inevitable sickness. Sickness can be a Cough,Flu,Diarrhea or anything not particularly severe. It still makes us feel so helpless .We can’t feel like doing anything rather we lighten out our hearts by cursing blames or being unreason for no God damn reason because deep down we know “GoodLord! What a blessing health is and we have been treating it worth a shit”. Health is such a bliss that in an instant it can make a person feel aimlessly low or thrillingly high. We never can do justice to health because we never thank God for such a beautiful blessing without which our lives is completly baseless.

Lets all take a plege and thankGod daily for this miraculously blessing making us want to do wondrous things in our lives,fulfilling our dreams.Yess! indeed if not for this blessing we won’t never dream to achieve milestone in our life we wish to achieve someday. See I am writing because I am in a good health and want to write a blog but few days go I hated writing because I wasn’t feeling well .I didn’t feel like doing anything because I missed not having my healthy vibrant self .I wish to thank God daily for this beautiful bliss called health which makes me want to aspire big.Amen 🙂

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