Get Real

Stepping into the real world

With adrenaline rush I was

Giddy to see what pleasure

Life was offering a distracted

like me;

Anticipated with the uncertainties

Was a lightning-strike feeling not

Giving fig involved about the inklings

Of futuristic hindrances;

The imagery of the humans I made

Was devoid of shrewd scale but an

Obvious conclusion comprehending

Their situations;

It’s not rainbow and roses everywhere

Proved me when I was beguiled by my

Naivety not to comprehend the conducts

Of the ones daunting me with the such

Smirk tactics in ladylike ways where

I knew pulling my socks up was only a

Way to mingle in to get real.

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Free Style Writing Challenge – TIME

Thank you so much Gaurav for the free writing challenge .I enjoyed writing it & though I am famous for my excessive randomization so just ignore it in the post (Its quite evident) 😛

I don’t wanna know
When that time will
Come that will heal the broken
Spaces in me but for
Now I know it’s not the right time
It’s over everything ,we had, we shared
I shouldn’t have been guilty now
It’s to late even for me to call for you
I don’t know how will I imagine anyone else
Filling that space that once belonged to you
I am all scared to my wits to wonder
Will anybody ever look me as fiercely & possessively like you did?
Will anybody smile make me knee-melted like yours did?
Will I ever feel the same love for anyone else like I did for you?
I guess probably not
I am numb with redemption
I don’t want to revive that time
Making me all disgusted in front of you
I want those memories back where I could hear you
Making me laugh with your sweet parodies,
Your extravagance, your care, your passion
I want that all back
I want you, your presence,your fragrance, your touch,
All of you only for me
I give a damn I’m considered mean but
Whatever I had it was for you only
And I am just a fool to let you go
I had once loved you like I never did anybody
I just don’t wanna know
When the time will come
What’s left in me right now
Are probably the tears dried to heal the broken spaces in me 

Time: 8 min & Words: 247


Like every other day, I saw him there. I could easily spot him on the other side of the road with the hunched back, and a cane making his way towards the footpath. I knew his slow walking pace could be signs of early onset of dementia. Recollecting my thoughts, I went to greet him with his hands shaking coz of arthritis; He was aging beautifully, I could tell, with just a perfect million dollar smile, waiting for me .That smile was like a reflection, telling me desperately to believe ,”some good still exists in me”, regardless of the glitches eating up my soul with plague”.

Nevertheless, He would never know how much fortunate I feel, just to ease a bit of frown off my brow with mere encounters with him. I know what was coming next; a silent plea for some cents. I could notice him looking me with sudden interest ,what I was going to give him this time; maybe a some handful of cash or just few coins this time. Mainly, he was always contented with what I offered, like a sign of a good omen. Sometimes, I wish he could deduce on his own, the baggage-of- regret I carry, not giving him what he is in actual worthy of. Absorbed with remorse ,I left with yet another promise of a better tomorrow, saying:” I am going to get late for work”.

Till my last breath..

I wish I had known long ago
how rough our bond would turn
out to be despite of all the
affection in your eyes melting
my conscious to stop the
negativity engulfing me every time
that this won’t last long till I
find myself all alone giving you
my hand to notice my cry of help
where tears once running down
my cheek begin to dry with your
sudden deceit leaving me empty
and cold with contempt but still
some part of my soul wanted you
to come and shout your reasons of
distrust when everything was going
so perfect with us retarded with pure
joy of sharing our darkest secrets together
just with the intention to provide comfort
in the dread of times but what still bruise me
the most is confiding in you was a blooper
I ll never forget till my last breath!..


My friend Erika nominated my blog for the Non-Love in More Than Ten Sentences challenge. It is the first time I receive this nomination.I hope I did justice guys 🙂

Haven’t you seen the warmth in his gaze?
Didn’t you ever notice his stare with a care?
Don’t you ever feel giddy with him as a pair ?
Wasn’t your instinct there to sense the rare ?
Where you not always relying on his prayer ?
Wasn’t your worth not always there fair and square?
Why couldn’t you cease to stop this air?
Didn’t you skip a beat for him beware?
Weren’t these signs storming you to prepare?
Everything yet anything as beautiful as love