Till my last breath..

I wish I had known long ago
how rough our bond would turn
out to be despite of all the
affection in your eyes melting
my conscious to stop the
negativity engulfing me every time
that this won’t last long till I
find myself all alone giving you
my hand to notice my cry of help
where tears once running down
my cheek begin to dry with your
sudden deceit leaving me empty
and cold with contempt but still
some part of my soul wanted you
to come and shout your reasons of
distrust when everything was going
so perfect with us retarded with pure
joy of sharing our darkest secrets together
just with the intention to provide comfort
in the dread of times but what still bruise me
the most is confiding in you was a blooper
I ll never forget till my last breath!..


So this was the whole episode of Jilt and hurt
Waiting for your arrival In their world of convenience
Making you all awestruck with gloom
Patting you hopelessly, to see this was what you
Were eager to have from the start
An age past adolescence, all grown up and zippy
But you didn’t pay heed to what lay ahead
A race full of unpredictability
Where nothing will ever concern you
No matter how much you succeed in believing
To master things out
It never works like this Sugar
You seem eager to mould people
With your intervening thoughts and
Blurred taste of your expectations like
A pot of clay adjusting with your reasoning
No!Sooner and later you need to jot this down
This isn’t how you can rule the world
With wearing heart about the sleeve but
With a wisdom and a wit, to figure out that
Leave everything be, the way this whole globe
Functions and survives, your job is to
Accept the perfect imperfections all lined up
In front, for you to learn and cast them aside without
Further glance in that direction because
Acceptance of reality has brought you to a
To a certain level of completeness and silence
applauding you for the wishful thinking

Her eyes

Her eyes danced with merriment

With the euphoria of liberty

Letting her hear the sound of passion

Bargained with her musings

Vowing to make her merry

With the constant persuasion of heart

Greedily agreeing to every pathaway

Just to make sure

She was radiant and gleaming

Knowing how scarcely she grins

Avoiding vendetta of evils pawning her threshold

Letting the air of contempt engross her

Overlooking her intrigue speaking volumes

And nipping every evil in its bud

If not for them!

The constant arrival of miseries
The daily sign of deceit
The never ending battle of words
The chaos of routine
The regret of doing good
The hope of a better tomorrow
The everyday feud and escape
The diversions of agony and bliss
But the long and love still there
Stays no matter how hassled the situations are
Because, for all disarrays in life
We should be fortunate enough
If not for them
We would have never been closer to God
As now we already are 🙂