A stream of rush!


Do you think dashing after things makes it easier to acquire them? We seem so haphazard or extremely passionate; focusing on achieving what we require to do with ourselves ,but then all of a sudden our intense aims puff down like smokes outs of a chimney . We don’t actually know usually what we desire the earnest. Seriously in a race to succeed ; we don’t even realize we are not living in a moment. We want to reach the mountain before even we start climbing it .

I have learnt that aims are there to make us want to aspire big , but in a greed to accomplish every aim we forget what we are currently doing. Leaving it to rot won’t help , but it ‘ll overburden and traumatize you. So, distinctly the remedy for sure is a deep breath and trying to tell your raging aim hormones to “Have a tad bit control sugar!” Taking one step at a time will help wondrously; making us all glee with our little success rendezvous ,and our serene-conscious embracing us and telling  “See! A tad bit slow-down approach helps you attain your intended aspirations” Like the Waterfall model described in software engineering; though this term is a bit irrelevant here,but I think this method should be applied in reality as well. The Waterfall models says that

Things should be taken step by step, firstly focusing on current aim .if its completed then move on to the next module of life. This way we can have the contentment of accomplishment and no regret to bruise our memories.

So everything is best suited at a proper time and place. Trying being a bit wise and tolerant with your aims. No doubt, you ll achieve them but see things happen best when attained at a particular moment.

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Ta-ta Temptation!


 I was wool gathering the other day how much I miss my cotton ear bud. Generally there are times when you need nothing more in this entire world other than an adorable ear bud. Yess!! It might be nuisance for some so called neat freaks ,who loathe when you get all lost in the magic spell momentarily, because beat that it’s worth the wait ;making you all dreamy and relaxed at the same time. I think makers of ear buds used a devastating potion in it, to makes us all scattered in our thoughts once we start moving it around the whole globe of an ear. Though, the euphoric bliss is not for a long time; because hearing out the disadvantages of using an ear bud will surely give you any one an apoplectic fit. Literally, I had been myself being all weary of listening about the stoppage of it; but habitually  I payed no heed to it; because yeah lets accept it we all become douche bags when it comes to comprehend and listen at a go .

What happened to change my mind were not only one but two life torments. Firstly, I had the cotton of ear bud stuck in my ear, and the doctor had to use some an instrument in it; My goodness!! It was traumatizing. He advised me to stop using it. Nonetheless, the conviction I needed was there, falling in my lap making me want to believe the obvious, but Nahhh! My persistent streak kept me in oblivion not giving a damn. Second brutal thrashing for me was , when my cousin accidentally playing with me dropped a small pearl in my ear ,and this time the doctor couldn’t even stop me from screaming at the top of my lungs along with my frequent muttering curses to my beloved relative under the breath. Finally,the agonizing state ending when I dropped of the idea of using an ear bud. I still crave for it like a dessert at crucial moments ,but then the horrid flashbacks of consequences makes my Satan at rest somehow 😛

So dear readers, stop getting fascinated by the thrilling site of an ear bud all wrapped up beautifully bamming you. They will try to lust you, leaving you wrenched with a weak heart but nevermind ,remember a forefinger is all you need to swirl around in an ear kingdom. 🙂

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