Breathing Space!


Literally, there are several things in life we urge to do; praying that those “regret aches” never haunt us; they get dressed like a daydream, begging us to live the YOLO You Only Live Once) spell… Ironically, we keep on shrugging off such joys because of our insecurities, low-lying guts and relaying-on-others catastrophe. For once, just try getting acquainted with your own being omitting the odds and see the difference. It’s time to give yourself a break and start speaking your minds mates; you‘ll see the astonished result that, many like you want to be ridden of hermit zone and follow the YOLO league. A bit of drill is what we need to overcome the hazards of reluctance and enjoy our adventurous streak.

I developed this adventurous streak from my friends. I felt lively being myself, not caring about my attire with my girlfriends singing at the top of lungs; driving around at night just to enjoy rain, or It could be dancing to crazy Bollywood tunes at hostel. People do call you Lunatic, but who cares as long as it brings out the best in you. The road trips to hilly area makes you want to explore such majestic views showing How beautiful God is.The utter thrill is obviously in window shopping knowing friends around you as well can’t afford to buy everything ha-ha! Though, Ogling outside the shops is crazy but on a brighter note ;it does help you get acquainted with latest trends also with good people around you everything seems like a wonder. The typical mortifying and hilarious moments for all of us was to give the bill by putting all of our shillings on display and calculating loudly to get rid of the antagonizing and unnerving bill card.We didn’t care a fig about our sitting positions In taxi with eight or nine of us stuffed together in a taxi to avoid further expenses and people outside were just the tip of the iceberg. Living such moments helped me to laugh out loud and be a person who enjoys little happiness in everything.

I must say experiences bring out the best in one’s self. If we keep on thinking about our uncertainties and troublesomeness, then this won’t let us get out of the dark but will make us all cranky and chicken heart. I think embracing optimism can help us way more in letting go of our fears.  We all do have some rare friends; that are so good to be true, but they definitely help in broadening our horizons.Yeah! So in case we all want to have a bit of adventure then solely like-minds-think-alike friends are the best to relish every moment with.

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I lack in judgments. I always like always assume the best or the worst in people.Its like the two extremities that I blindly follow.This is like making me the saint or the sinner in front of people.Why would I lie when I say that people opinion don’t bother me? Actually they do and hate my self for depending on them for each minor or major selections.Anyways judging others came from my emotional wrecked heart.People can do whatever that want whether they bitch lot,expose themselves or act like crazy bonkers. I always question my self why do I have to judge them ? I ain’t a saint…Who am I too question them and why do I care lot. It’s like the sudden ripple of waves start emerging from inside from my brain and hitting me till I state the obvious..I really did  opinion-ate and then the infinite guilty pleasures throbbing me ever since I judge. Telling me “See the person you judged is complete opposite to what you imagined” and I have that dig-in-the-grave-bury-myself-in-it feel making me feel ashamed of what sort of person I am .Who exactly has given me the write to judge them? I haven’t gotten any certificate or authorization from God (God forbid) to judge people So why I start blaspheming when I see things are not always accordance to my likes? I question my self and then got the answer that loathed my being.The answer was I am just a worthless piece of shit God created , bestowing His miraculously blessing knowing that I keep on sinning and He keeps on giving, I knew that I am purposely doing this judging things to please my aimless being.I had to stop this.It’s like NOW or NEVER for me. I have to be in front of Allah Almighty in the judgement day and I know I couldn’t face him because of my bad deeds.Already my sack of backbiting,not thanking God enough for His Big Heart when every time it comes to giving,loving and sharing is full. I want to drown in my own pool of deeds knowing exactly that what I deserve.But before its to late I just want to make an OATH to please God not to judge. 🙂