Too Good to be true!


Frightened from the beginning
From the false hopes and gauge
Trying to keep on running breathless
From my fate and belongings
Never knew how much hard it was
To pursue your desires ,your commands
A pack of wolves were there to flare
From everywhere tormenting to have my flesh
Scrutinizing me with scowling eyes
Attempting to devour me with blood thirst venom
Waiting for me to drift apart
Why were they disguised as saints
When knowingly they were sinners from the very
Like the eagles ,always meddlesome and mean
Trying to out run every other bird hopping to get food
From the evil spell of treachery
Leaning on me to get doomed
Unnerving me on every turn but
Forgetting ,somethings are never too good to be true!

Hopelessly Screwed!

I have never ever experienced love sort of a thing in my life. I always considered infatuation as love though I have forgotten the count of my infatuation history.It goes way back when I was a teenager. I was infatuated by tall and handsome guys.I always thought nothing’s gonna brew because firstly I am gutless and second of all my self respect.I can’t act around as a weak smitten kitten ready to grab a cheesy meat.I have to show some morals.Though eye contact is a dangerous,very dangerous but a lovely thing but that’s wrong.Sometimes I know we can’t blame our selves for the unintentional eye-locks but Good Lord! The intentional ones make a person giddy and jittery at the same time.So I thought I had to stop my easily-mesmerized-by-God-knows-how-many-fellows feel and try to be oblivious..But there ain’t denying that  still I am helpless with infatuations.I am in my early twenties and now the bizarre things in my mind have taken  a tangent turn wanting me to consider that “He might be into me” or “He might be committed“.Then all of a sudden I start having a creepy feeling that I want nobody to be interested in me, though the thought if me falling for somebody is good but It surely gives me a heartache when I see any creepy loser ogling me, giving me baseless notions. So “he is into me” is just omitted for my list and the one left “he might be committed” makes me a lovesick mourning person yapping like there is no tomorrow :p. Basically infatuation is not for me because it will make me hopeless in love beyond repair.