Caged in ribs

You’re that wild creature
Caged in my ribs
That never wants to be free
From the salvation
Untamed like a raven
Lost in willows
Daring me to be ethereal
Trespassing in my ribs
Sign of your love
Lingering in tiny breaths
If taming you is ordeal
I want no part in it
Alienating you away
Where what left
Would be remains of a realm
You owned, left -untouched & dark
Even if montony interfere
Captivating me to its allure
I ll never ensconce safely
When your wildness
Is what acts as an elixir
To my reckless heart
Caged in ribs

Satisfaction questioned?

The great satisfaction isn’t in pleasing someone else’s dream or holding a medal worth some plaudit you did that embarks your propriety in eyes of society. It never can hold candle to what you desire, it’s just sheer curiosity to see if the chance still stands for you to bring down people on your knees. The hidden hunger that resonates to do whatever it takes to gnar the approval .In midst of this proactive urge to slay away the dragons, bring peace meals to ugly duckling called as ‘conscience’. I fail, miserably fail to dig out the greatest satisfaction. This satisfaction maybe hauling away in the creepy spaces of my mind but still it is lethargic to be of conviction . Maybe few terse nods,  few courtesy chats, few enchantments or few guidance radiators still blink in to pave ways for creating a solid ground of satisfaction but why I’m still hang on ‘Still’ ? A bit more sheningans or something to novel to break the hell loose. Blazes!  the deadlock-a stalemate is never coming I know even if some new biding form of human perception interwined with me, creating a ripple of newfound friendship or a promise of turning head over heels to seek romance sound a perfect reverie but they are dodging points, paralyzed within domain of typical standards. This whole new facade of tripping over my heart to see the sky more brighter is a primordial effort to accept defeat. Maybe satisfaction will find me in but right now it’s a bland yearning to seek in my own frame of thoughts.


You see it coming, the anger, the rage, the hatred, the  curses, teeth besieged, eyes spitting fire, body reduced to a medieval warrior, no sign of love looming over, it’s all undone clustered when what you did kindled the anger.Maybe keeping all this flux of sentiments generated the ignition; it kept on seeping through every tunnel of my heart. If love alone could have sufficed ,did it matter anyway. No!it didn’t mindless of the ill-fated grief, it didn’t make us stick together in qualms. It represented such a abstract where mismatched concoctions completed the picture to make the outlook okayish but the mundane scratches still hold their own chord not telling eyes of beholder the war unscripted.


“Unattainable” was a word
That came to her mind
In a fleeting moment of despair
That were you she flinched
Disparaging all the emotions
A blunder done
Of all the myraid of ton
She wore your name on my heart
That haste of immaturity
Shrugging off somber
Lighthearted with love
What was wrong with mere joy?
An epiphany of something better
Would be around the corner
Blazes! itching temptation
A gist of daydream
Swooning, Fumbling, Crumpling
In arena of reckless notions
Weak from roots
He – A felon
In an armour of vigor
Languish dripping from face

A better forever

“You seem to be engrossed in world of your own”,she inquired.

He didn’t know what prompted her to ask this .He never gave her a reason to question his eccentricity. It was his own little secret; his thoughts and their infinite volume. What should he say that she never question him again. Maybe an honest cover -a truth folded in a napkin of drooping love.

“Just making up mind to get rid of the quandary , a peace of mind”, he  twinged revealing a scant of his secret.

Holding his face in her palm and making him look in the eye, she flinched to converse further. There was such sadness subdued in his eyes, a look so terrifyingly  vulnerable. Will she overstep the boundary if we stepped in? Will he let her give him some comfort?  Still unsure, she continued with a lump in her throat.

“I know your every frown and every little curve on your face”,she whispered , “and I know you are facing hard time looking for job, a career you perceive is in shambles and you’re afraid to take a risk. Money again ?  Dammit!  It won’t give us peace of mind, you should know it better than I do. I wish you take a risk at what you know better, invest in something of your interest. Still you have left with some guineas. You can do something, rather anything of your likings. Sitting here idle ,hopeless and shattered will soon leave you chained in prison of your thoughts.”

Every syllable she uttered was right but he was scared, scared for the future and the qualms it presented. What if he failed again? Will she be still their to mend his jagged heart lost and imbibed? Just for her sake of happiness, he heard himself saying unbelievably.

“By God! I don’t care if I fail again or I win maybe but I know this time I shall not make you disappointed. I hate it what I did it wounded with pride and ego . I was self absorbed listening to the sound of my failures, their burden insurmountable coaxing me to black hole of sadness.  I ll try to make our future forever together bearable with a bit of my efforts and your love.”

Radiance glowed her cheeks at his earnest response.
Smiling with the gravity of his words this time, he kissed her hard making an oath to keep their forever sealed with his promise of a better tomorrow.

An excerpt from my mind 

Different air

Winds yielding in
Getting their way
Certain sharpness
A subtle discretion
Volatile with every drift
Such chaos in making
Causing anguish
Taining the good air
Existing like a gusto
No haughtiness
Still it got carried way
In stain of wind
Undermining with swifts
Affecting like a noxious stale
Worse done
Spoiling, banishing, vanishing
Festive to mourning
All done in a blur

P.s : Postivity has an allure while negativity can tarnish it just with a swirl of a hand.

Tuned in frenzy!

As fire & coal ignited sparks
Flames upbraiding
Just a stoke of lighter
Created the flair
A caress with warmth
Enveloping one another
A little secret glimmered
In aftermath of a union
Like our love
Irrevocable yet significant
Highlighted in intensity
Tuned in frenzy.

If you care a dime. . .

“It has been hard for you”,
“I hope you are okay?”,
“Time will heal you”,
“No wonder you look out of place”,
“Was that phase tormenting?”,
“He will grieve for you”,
“Why don’t you seek redemption?”,
“Yours gibes make you deserve this”,
“How gruff & shrill you are”,
“I promise we’ll face this together”,
“Come on get over him”.

One liners offering comforts
Maybe some flinch
Maybe some get queasy
Maybe a bit happy
Unsure to toes
World unfetters
Free to express
What if few pretense
A deceit in demeanor
Don’t care a dime
Even scale of
Rags to riches
Until you make a difference
Pray, Pray & Pray
If you really feel
Inclined to help some
It’s better than thousand words
Spoken formally

Chasing dream

Measured in heartbeats
Palpitating in sheer relief
My heart’s gone rogue
Groving with scurry steps
It can feel the wilderness
Craze in the clock
Forget about being edgy
That drug has taken a troll
Triumphed over given chance
In peace with brisk steps
Thoughtfulness with zeal
Indeed! Chasing dream
Was worth the wait
The hoax of past
My foolhardy attempts
Stop in midst to pursue
A dream quiet clear
Like a rainbow in Amazon

A note to my book!

You saved me when I wasn’t sure part of me was idiosyncratic or mortified with the change around me. It’s wasn’t the silver moon or musky scent of rain enveloping me in embrace, nor it were the harpy faces around me tending to my ineffable wounds, or some poignant open heart declarations seeking attention. More of me got indulged it you seizing every other activities humdruming around me and more of me loved your company. Little did I know what an utter fool I was not to get my hands on you. I knew it enamored with you was the best decision I took and those sudden tumults went unnotified. In hindsight, your awareness and love is unbeatable.