Get Real

Stepping into the real world

With adrenaline rush I was

Giddy to see what pleasure

Life was offering a distracted

like me;

Anticipated with the uncertainties

Was a lightning-strike feeling not

Giving fig involved about the inklings

Of futuristic hindrances;

The imagery of the humans I made

Was devoid of shrewd scale but an

Obvious conclusion comprehending

Their situations;

It’s not rainbow and roses everywhere

Proved me when I was beguiled by my

Naivety not to comprehend the conducts

Of the ones daunting me with the such

Smirk tactics in ladylike ways where

I knew pulling my socks up was only a

Way to mingle in to get real.

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It hurts….

It hurts to see when
Worst is assumed of you
When nothings falls in place and sides with you
When your words are thrown back at you knowing it’s not the time
When you can’t justify enough
When you are burdened to deal with the expectations
When you can’t be a part of others distress
When no matter how much you try to end a feud ,it ignites with more fire
When seeing your mates apart because of misconceptions
When you fail to believe you are conned
When you’re not good enough to be friends with
When you can’t feel what’s to be snatched away
When you surrender in disgust to see your worth
When nobody wants to be part of others miseries
When you have to fight the torment all by yourself
When things seems in pace only when you agree
When differences aren’t sorted out but become word of mouth
When you are harshly judged for the wrong doings of others
When blabbing in fun is considered as a haw moment
When suddenly your grades become a measuring meter of your personality
When materialism is valued more than kindness and affection
When you wonder straightforwardness is not appreciated
When the monster of evil eye is valued more than a person
It hurts to see all this tearing me in shreds deep down

p.s: Written for my adorable buds! 🙂

Its not about you!


Whenever I feel grumpy,Whenever I feel stiff
Whenever I want space,Whenever I need surrender
Its not about you
Whenever I feel void,whenever I feel remorse
whenever I feel estrange ,Whenever I am entangled in thoughts
Its not about you
Wherever I need solace ,Whenever I need peace
Whenever I blame,Whoever I curse,Whatsoever I yell about
Its not about you
Whenever I feign smile, Whenever I condescend
Whenever I am nuts,Whatever I am bantering nonsense
Don’t you for God’s sake ever think, its about you
Whenever I ‘ll say something, However I ‘ll say directly
So stop fidgeting around with negativity
Somethings  have to do with me, not with you
Get this,its not always about you,Its about me this time Read more