Total Blackout. .


She wished she had the control to shut down the constant spinning of her head from the treachery of the one she vowed to love till death.”What was this all about? He could never turn out to be this way”.She couldn’t believe her eyes how things starting changing in a moment so swiftly,no choices were to be made now. It was all so difficult to fathom the course of events turning out to exactly the direct opposite to how she imagined. The world beneath her feet no longer lingered with the rose petals welcoming her every way; it was rather now injuried with thorns injected in every skeleton of her body bleeding her eyes to death from the inevitable. She asked herself, “how could it happen to her.He wasn’t suppose to act this way now after being in that forsaken sacred love bond for too long.” The harsh assault was a colateral damage to every nerve that pulsed with his fibre of good- embedded to indulge her in sin of love. Being a main course of meal targeted always for the every damned thing, every loss, every tragedy, every illness, every absurdity, every matter, every vengeance was what made her drenched of hope for a change .Battling the conscience to subside her didn’t even do her a good. The dilemma of being blamed was terrifying and killing her deep side. She knew she had to back down before it was too late to even recognize herself before she was burned in chaos of those situations. Packing her bags she left behind and kept running fromĀ insane-excuse existed in this world. A glimpse of hell it was for sure. Thanking God she realized it was just a dream disturbing her power nap. Going back to sleep she vowed not to read depressing stories of love again.A promise she always seized to end.

Just me!

Just want to go everywhere
Anywhere were there is just me
Far far away from all the good
Being shoved up my a** for
no apparent reason but my mere bow

Just want to keep on running
To seek the virtue of space not
Fretting me with do’s and don’t’s
Reminding me of my flaws and faults

Just a spare of a time travel
Not willing to bind me up in a pact
Made only to ensure or secure whatsoever

Just maybe a day not hovering
Over me about the pleading sorrows
And anxiety of tomorrow shooting daggers

Maybe some moments of relishing and
Cherishing every fibre of my being for what
It is despite of every damn thing
It still beats for good and wants
Just a space to restore what’s died inside it
before its to late


So this was the whole episode of Jilt and hurt
Waiting for your arrival In their world of convenience
Making you all awestruck with gloom
Patting you hopelessly, to see this was what you
Were eager to have from the start
An age past adolescence, all grown up and zippy
But you didn’t pay heed to what lay ahead
A race full of unpredictability
Where nothing will ever concern you
No matter how much you succeed in believing
To master things out
It never works like this Sugar
You seem eager to mould people
With your intervening thoughts and
Blurred taste of your expectations like
A pot of clay adjusting with your reasoning
No!Sooner and later you need to jot this down
This isn’t how you can rule the world
With wearing heart about the sleeve but
With a wisdom and a wit, to figure out that
Leave everything be, the way this whole globe
Functions and survives, your job is to
Accept the perfect imperfections all lined up
In front, for you to learn and cast them aside without
Further glance in that direction because
Acceptance of reality has brought you to a
To a certain level of completeness and silence
applauding you for the wishful thinking

Dared me to dream!

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A Life full of surprises and thrill
Dared me to dream
A safe haven with the promise of tomorrow
Dared me to dream
A far away kingdom with solace and me
Dared me to dream
A sphere of freed and chaos
Dared me to dream
A sparkle of exuberance and sunshine
Dared me to dream
A fate with pact of abstinence and resolve
Dared me to dream
A betrothal of kindness and humanity
Dared me to dream
A paradise on a platter of love
Dared me to dream
A madness of passion and believe
Dared me to dream
A lifetime of God’s mercy and faith
Dared me to dream
A world which inhabits the air of peace
Dared me to dream
An oath of no malice and greed
Dared my fibre to dream