Am I okay?

Do you question me?

Or is it you?

Forcing words down my throat.

Cursing me for the loss.

Threatening me for the outcome.

Bitching about me upclose.

Praying for my ailment.

Naming me a demon-classed.

Wishing me endless melancholy.

Waiting for my justifications.

Considering me a foe.

Fracturing my sanity.

Then you tend to ask

Am I okay?

Do you question me?

Or is it you?

Causing me agony.

Stimulating my anger.

Befriending me to ruin.

Caging me to surrender.

Mocking my fears.

Predicting my tomorrow.

Passing judgements on my way.

Seeking shatan to sabotage me.

Professing adoration for me.

Then you tend to ask

Am I okay?

Do you question me?

Or is it you?

I am living each day

Knowing one day I ll get my way.

I won’t give a fig what you have to say.

Go spy & and let me sway.

Hopefully you will turn grey.

You are after all made of clay.

As time passes by day after day.

Go stumble on someone else tray.

I ll be more than happy for your decay.

You will learn what leads to prey.

Now don’t ever tend to ask

Am I okay?


Attic ….

The attic of her thoughts

Disparaged with the

Invasion of fear

Getting into her skin

To wind in & roam around

Thrashing every

Rising hope

Forming clusters

Clinged like a deep

Wound taking infinity

To heal this growing


The dilemma of the

Attic certainly short lived

When she with all her might

Tried to get rid of the

Sickening feeling by

Not not acting a bothersome

But a furious player

Learning to love the

Rising hopes

Getting into her skin &

Prorioritizing them

Without even thinking of

If & buts.


Restoring your good name..


Into the woods
Running towards
The dungeon of
Assurance she seemed
Unstoppable not deviated
From the chirrups of the birds
Soldiering around in flocks to
Follow where the damsel in
Distress was heading with shallow
Breathing; her steps were faster
Than the last time not even
Remotely regretting her motives
She needed to strive back
To that dungeon from where
She emerged obscene
Rubbing her good name
In the dust to vouch into
The deception of humans
Deserving an eye for eye
Whilst she forgot nature
Never change no matter what
Giving her a second chance
To retrospect her fallen dignity
From the lessons learnt
Never to compromise
On restoring a good name
Debauched in mischief
Of temperaments.

Did you believe as a gurl what were you getting into?


Did you ever believe as a gurl what were you getting into?

You were glee with rosebud cheeks to get that someone.
You day dreamed how he would make you fall hard.
You knew he was somewhere in the crowd trying to get you.
You were hopelessly screwed finding him in every other guy.
You kept living in a absurd notion called fantasy.
You denied all rumors of reality checks.
You ached to see his face through smoked mirrors.
You absorbed yourself in feign straying.
Your hither wither was dodging.
You drunk into oblivion for this euphoria.
Your flashed smile was a story to witness.
You claimed to be inscrutable when you were nothing but preposterously daft.
Your bizzare ideas were a forgery worth condemn.
Your skeptical rotted mind was now a silent heap.

Did you ever believe as a gurl what were you getting into?

You weren’t the same.
You did gulped the poison of actuality.
You are now a beautiful disaster of benign swags.
You are living with endurance to cease the past lypse.
You are cold blooded with senses pulsating.
You are now the syndrome of redempt.
Your rage & shrieks are of same wavelength
pouring on solitary of heart.
Your love is secluded in a den of past.
You are done with grievances.
You just exhale to bygone.
Your swollen ego has volunteered to give up.
You are now a progeny of present filled with no expectations.

Voicing your say!

Voicing your say

Among the masses

Is not an easily thing

When you know what

You will do could either

Make or break a situation.

Voicing your say

When in need to

Take a firm stand

In your life to make

It Organized can be

Turmoiling at first but

End prospers peace.

Voicing your say 

In prayers is what

Makes you light hearted

Sharing secrets with God

To tame the devil in you.

Voicing your say 

Blatantly is a road

To safe haven guarded

With the a staunch force

Of conscience which is

Never going to make

You stray.

Voicing your say 

Out loud when

Time is not with you

Can not lower your confidence

Because it’s you catering to

 your preferences

Only because your heart say so.

Voicing your say

Because your heart says

Is a thumbs up

 without any skepticism

Or false thoughts as heart

Is a heaven where God resides.

Voicing your say 

To bring out the best in you

Can never be frivolous move

As you know what you are getting

Yourself into can pave way of a path

Leading to wonders only if you

Make peace with stones in a way.

Voicing your say

no matter how hard turns out to be

Giving you a title of eccentric

Leaving you alone & mentally drained

Can be totally worth it at the end

As you conquered the eccentricity

shrugging it off your shoulders

With a victory sign.

Voicing your say

When you couldn’t dare to do

In a first place wanting the earth

To swallow you in but still

The goodness in your made

You stand still is what

Your say is all all about.



Constant whirlwind of moods

Different battles against ego

Random struggles with the day

Humans perplexed with truth

Nervousness of treachery

Fidgeting hands with shivers

Merry-go-around chase of fate

Daily cries of your heart out

Stagnant role rehearsals

Nobility among rare

Power in words of a layman

Repetitive discussions of trespassing

Blurred future of truce

Apoplexy from double standards

Flowing war of stares

Twisted tricks of an old-school

Ricocheting food for thought

Are all examples of everything

Blindfolded with regard



Gripping my hand

In unison I tried

Not to flinch

Slashing my nails in

Fist to forget about

Where these lines

Imprinted on my palms

Were heading.

My momentary struggles

To read a secret

Clue in these lines

Did nothing

To pause

The oscillatory

Rhythm of life.

Instead it

Ended up

Hypnotizing my

Conscience to

Believe in the good

Written in these lines.

Reassuring me to

Forget about curiosity

Fumbled up in me &

For a change

Acknowledge the blind future

With open arms of


Vowing me not to

Glance back

At fortune-hunters

Bribing to sabotage

The already crippled

Relation with the

Supreme power

Who always have

The best of plans

For us.

Provided we have

The patience to

Endure the

Wait to gain

The best.



Growing older

I could notice

Trends of


Blabbing boast

Emphasizing fame

Prioritizing posh

Antagonizing poor

Sewed with jealousy

Feigning diplomacy

Measuring standards

Craving lust

Speaking propriety


Disgusted & biased

Towards the ones

Lacking a refined accent

 Wearing  badge of


Normal clothing

Giggling nature

Heartily appetite

Extravagant pockets

Ethical sense

Great listeners

Beautiful soul

Humane intentions

Were responsible for

Carving their own destiny

With humiliation while

The ones they loathe

Set example to

Serve humanity with

Pious deeds as their






A few drops….

Just a few drops shed

After eavesdropping

About own self can be

Maddening & terrifying.

Just a few drops shed

Can be gulped back not

To cause a scene in

Already heated arguments.

Just a few drops shed

For some can bridge

The gap of a stoic heart

Drowned in the pool

Of misconceptions.


Just a few drops shed

In moonlight’s mercy lonesome

Can prove to be great

Companion in midst of

Dark corners.

Just a few drops shed

As part of a plot can

Seek attention

Hiding away the actual


Just a few drops shed

For the ones gone

Can be painful, embedding

Mind with fruitless results

& sleepless nights

With no gain.

Just a few drops shed

From excruciating pain

Of slitting oneself

Can never bring pleasure

To body which was

Always a temple meant to

Be worshipped not tarnished.

Just a few drops shed

After fulfillment of wishes

Can make life look

So cherished anticipating

To see what next surprise is.

Just a few drops shed

After plea to humans

Can never be regarded

True no matter how

Genuine the apology is.

Just a few drops shed

For our sinister souls

Bowing to ALMIGHTY

For forgiveness can be

Wondrous & relieving.