Can You Find It In Your Heart !

imagesIsn’t it possible ever not to feel any sort of insult or humiliation? Nahh! I don’t think so! It’s just something we can’t get out of our system; obviously we feel bad about being the target of aggression for somebody we care, or adore .YEAH! Guys!! It feels bad being mortified in front of people, for your faults making you so out of wits, and then you are rendered speechless. So what should we do? Could we just play innocent of our faults, or shush the obvious-awkward-moment? But, a good point might be a space to collect our self and act all normal…Egghh! It’s bit of gutsy thing. Then what should a person do?


I guess trying not to feel something as if nothing never happened, yeah! because we have to learn the other way around; by thinking above ourselves not focusing on our dos and don’ts , but about the other people we care and love. We can’t shut them out, only for a bit of our ego, that’s utterly insane, and lets accept it, we all take things others do for us “For granted” .What we can do is to flashback all the good memories cherished with that person, initially it’s hard to let go but still if they mean something to us; I think we should stop this awkwardness and start initiating conversation like nothing ever happened. In childhood we use to confuse the terms big heart or big teddy, but now being in adolescence I realized that having big heart means caring for people we love. It require a lot of guts to gather up the courage to stop taking things to heart seriously .Thus, the universal reality is that good emits good, and even if we want to take revenge for them for hurting our feelings or making us feel vulnerable ;try being a goody shoe .I have seen it work sweetlings ,they ‘ll feel compelled to be good because you are a do-gooder yourself , and nothing for them will be more embarrassing then guilty.So ,lets pledge to make this place beautiful with our big generous heart,  and above all this will make Our God Our Creator happy ,because if He is happy with us ,nobody on face of the earth can change that.

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A stream of rush!


Do you think dashing after things makes it easier to acquire them? We seem so haphazard or extremely passionate; focusing on achieving what we require to do with ourselves ,but then all of a sudden our intense aims puff down like smokes outs of a chimney . We don’t actually know usually what we desire the earnest. Seriously in a race to succeed ; we don’t even realize we are not living in a moment. We want to reach the mountain before even we start climbing it .

I have learnt that aims are there to make us want to aspire big , but in a greed to accomplish every aim we forget what we are currently doing. Leaving it to rot won’t help , but it ‘ll overburden and traumatize you. So, distinctly the remedy for sure is a deep breath and trying to tell your raging aim hormones to “Have a tad bit control sugar!” Taking one step at a time will help wondrously; making us all glee with our little success rendezvous ,and our serene-conscious embracing us and telling  “See! A tad bit slow-down approach helps you attain your intended aspirations” Like the Waterfall model described in software engineering; though this term is a bit irrelevant here,but I think this method should be applied in reality as well. The Waterfall models says that

Things should be taken step by step, firstly focusing on current aim .if its completed then move on to the next module of life. This way we can have the contentment of accomplishment and no regret to bruise our memories.

So everything is best suited at a proper time and place. Trying being a bit wise and tolerant with your aims. No doubt, you ll achieve them but see things happen best when attained at a particular moment.

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Such propriety in our Lifestyle!

I am a Pakistani basically, a typical Punjabi.The life style of a Punjabi  exhibit their love of food.I am glad to be brought up in a family where already my parents where Foodaholics. Cooking is like the most important chore for my mother.The first thing she likes to do every morning is to plan which meal to prepare for a day.

We have this ritual that whenever anybody is invited to our place,my mother makes sure they eat to their fill.Ordinarily all the dinning table is filled with variety of foods.The mere majestic site of all the platters served primarily for guests makes them feels welcomed,honored and delighted. People here in our society think that serving extravagantly are essential norms.Actually the backdrop lies where people start scrutinizing their friends on the basis of how much food they are    serving. Remorsefully,I was one of those people who did measure friends on this scale.Whenever I used to visit my friends,occasionally after spending a whole afternoon with them.I anticipated to be treated in a highness manner with them serving my tray with different sort of dishes.But what I would get for lunch was rather a coke or a sandwich. You ‘ll be imagining me misty eyed but Nahh! Rather I thought “Whattt! that’s it! Come on we have been chattering the whole day and what I get is just a sandwich”.My conscious replied: Yoo baby! that’s what you are gonna get,stop being a whiny chic and eat what you have got otherwise stay famished till the rest of the day.After coming home, guess what the first thing that pops to my mommy head is “what your friend served you”.I eventually stated the obvious because see I can’t hide any thing from her.She can detect that devilish grin on my face any moment.Deep inside you know how mothers always see through you,My Maa being a generous hostess always quotes that “a person mannerism and etiquette is showed by how well they serve or treat you.”

But I questioned myself what if some people don’t actually know being a hostess.They already are so preoccupied with everything going on in their minds and lives.Either personal life is great or professional life is bland.Maybe they don’t know the ways to serve well.They should be guided to this being-a-good-host-world.

I begin keeping derogatory remarks to myself. I realized to invite them over often and see how it is done. Yeah! i am smart right! I know 😛 My friends who didn’t know the ways of proper hostess started inviting me over.They persuaded me to come because they didn’t want to feel bad of coming over to my place devouring all stuff. That’s how I visited them again, they started serving enjoyable well.The hospitality does matter. I think it shows how much effort you are putting in to make others feel at home 🙂