Empire of Faith….

Empire of faith to her

Is all about the gold crown

Inherited only when she steps

To the escalator of pure thoughts

Along with the cleansing of soul

Making sure no marks of black are

Prominent which were once faded

With the promise of forgiveness

And mercy awarding her the feel

Of blind trust in all the haphazardness

Of times when the shortcomings were

Evident but they just disappeared

Knowing the Empire of faith had an

Extravagant authority to tribute her

Soul with a glow to shine despite of

The hindrance in her way and still

Believe in purification is half the

The faith Convincing everyone to

Think it is a miracle Worth witnessing!

Raise a glass!

Here time is passing by day after a day
All jinxed up in awe of mischief raising a
Glass to cheer the inner demon of hell being
Wooed with traits; miserly and cheap jumbled
Up cheering each other on the demise
Of humans taking a plunge to dig their
Own graves with such a callous attitude
Not even realizing that inside each of them
There is a beautiful treasure called heart
Who wants to let go of the handcuffs of
Greediness and burning ache of sins all
Devoid of sharing the wealth with others below
Not paying heed to Karma which will explode will
Such grudge painting regret all over your faces so
Just get a bit of generous and save a little for the ones
Below who need a bit of kindness and compassion of
Money to get over the pain and will make references to God
For your contentment and ease in this life and here after


So this was the whole episode of Jilt and hurt
Waiting for your arrival In their world of convenience
Making you all awestruck with gloom
Patting you hopelessly, to see this was what you
Were eager to have from the start
An age past adolescence, all grown up and zippy
But you didn’t pay heed to what lay ahead
A race full of unpredictability
Where nothing will ever concern you
No matter how much you succeed in believing
To master things out
It never works like this Sugar
You seem eager to mould people
With your intervening thoughts and
Blurred taste of your expectations like
A pot of clay adjusting with your reasoning
No!Sooner and later you need to jot this down
This isn’t how you can rule the world
With wearing heart about the sleeve but
With a wisdom and a wit, to figure out that
Leave everything be, the way this whole globe
Functions and survives, your job is to
Accept the perfect imperfections all lined up
In front, for you to learn and cast them aside without
Further glance in that direction because
Acceptance of reality has brought you to a
To a certain level of completeness and silence
applauding you for the wishful thinking

If not for them!

The constant arrival of miseries
The daily sign of deceit
The never ending battle of words
The chaos of routine
The regret of doing good
The hope of a better tomorrow
The everyday feud and escape
The diversions of agony and bliss
But the long and love still there
Stays no matter how hassled the situations are
Because, for all disarrays in life
We should be fortunate enough
If not for them
We would have never been closer to God
As now we already are 🙂

Dared me to dream!

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A Life full of surprises and thrill
Dared me to dream
A safe haven with the promise of tomorrow
Dared me to dream
A far away kingdom with solace and me
Dared me to dream
A sphere of freed and chaos
Dared me to dream
A sparkle of exuberance and sunshine
Dared me to dream
A fate with pact of abstinence and resolve
Dared me to dream
A betrothal of kindness and humanity
Dared me to dream
A paradise on a platter of love
Dared me to dream
A madness of passion and believe
Dared me to dream
A lifetime of God’s mercy and faith
Dared me to dream
A world which inhabits the air of peace
Dared me to dream
An oath of no malice and greed
Dared my fibre to dream