Beautiful earth & You..


Looking forward to that day when my jumbled nerves will indeed find a shore to sail. I can see your smiling eyes exhilarated to be alone with me where we could wonder off to a different world irrelevant to chaos. There is always thrill in being recluse in your presence. I won’t be a vagrant anymore. I ll hop to a place where we two lost entities would find a way to devour the magnetism of beautiful earth whose boundaries lapse to welcome us.

Bigger & better

Screenshot_2016-02-25-22-31-33-1Words tapping in my head
Persuasive to be jotted
They had a way to trigger
Deep emotions
Folding my fingers
In a gesture so aplomb
Blaring into life
Things gets remorse
Eloquence always a question
In an effort to succeed
Condemns hitherto
A lapse in judgement
Stops the ink to flow
Invigorates bottled up hopelessness
Should I stop ?
It never ceases to stop
Admist the clouded delirium
I rise up again
To be better the next day
To achieve the unknown
To mark life as a subject
Filled with my writing
Treasuring the given gift
After sounds like epiphany
Stimulated in rejoice
I need to write
Just to get better & bigger



We aren’t meant to be together.
Maybe we were meant for me only
My selfish reasons let you
Stay by my side
You healed me when
Walls around my heart cracked
World around me flourished
Whereas I was left in oblivion
Struck by divine intervention
Of fate.
None grieved my absence
Only your shoulder calmed
the storm inside me.
Grey skies felt colorful
Only when you painted
My mind with colors
illuminating brightside of life.

Subject of cause

Screenshot_2016-02-19-22-58-03-1You don’t need to approach the matters hard way. It is either an easy way or a hard way and if using hard ways surveys your purpose to exhaustion, it is indeed just for a fleeting moment till the recipient counterattack; repulsive to being the object of agression. Even for a maegre nano seconds hold stop that buzzing need to act dominant, you  shall fall in your own trep. No harm will done to your subject of cause but you poor progeny, belittling your self unwarrantedly

Wait for your reign

Hold on to that last glimmer of hope that is shining somewhere adjoint to your senses. Be there, nothing is beyond your reach. Did you see that candela intensifying  your nerves? it’s basically the hope that has been registered in you by you only. The ones thinking big dont have small hearts. Chin up and wait for your reign.