“I think the human minds need to feel free at every single moment of their lives. Even if we live in a cage or a bungalow, what difference will it made we aren’t allowed a way out? A sense of freedom is in knowing that you go wherever the heck you want to go, wherever the heck you want to stay or whenever you want to come back. Coming back to a shelter that doesn’t restrict you to house arrest but welcomes you back with smiles. That makes everything more peaceful and reassuring. Certainly, there is relief in knowing you can feel rescued and be your own person, where there are no boundaries to confide you. At the end it’s all about feels that want you to reach the sky but still helps you keep your toes on the ground.”

Until You…..!


Didn’t even know he cared

Until I saw him fighting for me

Didn’t even realise how hard it was for him to provide

Until he commanded my every wish

Didn’t perceive he was so optimistic

Until he elaborated me his motives

Did know that he had a raging temper

But then he was right from the beginning

Didn’t I despise his condescending tone of voice

Until he cartered to my preferences

Didn’t even wonder what was to be in his shoe

Until I saw him feigning wealth to make sure I am ok 

Didn’t know he would easily let bygones be bygones

Until he saw me numb and broken

Wasn’t he always my consigliere

 Didn’t my naivety was the cause of diatribe

Until he enlightened my mind and soul

 Didn’t ever knew this all time that he was there

Yeah he was there and he was my Dad

If only you could read between the lines!

Hello there adorable parents. Thankyou for taking out time to read this blog.I just want you all to give a deep thought to this blog and tell me if you agree or not ? Dear parents!!…Don’t you ever give thought to your fights impact on us? I know you two later patch up But Don’t you ever think of the effect on your children? Why all of a sudden you act least interested with children listening to your verbal jabs,abusing or blaming one another for all the different things you fight about?… Some parents would think I am just a recklessly emotional person and should overlook a fight but I can’t.Children can’t seem to get it out of there mind.As it is said “It gets harder to forget but easier to forgive “.See there is exactly where the  issue lies with children.How can the children forget the chaos you bring upon them and then making yourself normal like nothing ever happened before? Usually nothing’s gonna happen because after a blissful week there comes another session of baseless arguments. If you want to fight why make a spectacle in front of us better decide a corner and wrangle there.If only you could stop and see the expressions of your children for a while then maybe your void heart could sense the tension in their eyes. For me, my parents fight do matter.It just leaves a hole in my heart seeing them fighting over petty issues no matter who first initiates but still its makes me feel bad and hurt deep inside.Then the only solution to this problem is my freed. I love my peace of mind and freedom. I am never going to destroy it by participating in their battle of words or exchanging sides.Nevertheless I question myself I have come a long way in my life finally going be a graduate but why do such fights keep on haunting me? The answer I get from my conscious is that peace, love, care and affection is all I want.Basically a world where they can solve problems by just communicating verbally and having a thorough understanding of others feelings and emotions,discussing everything honestly without creating a rift or bruising other’s ego. If only our parents could create such a world where they interact openly without having guilty pleasures, everything will be solved making this a better place for their children.:) Inner voice of every child!