Deal breaker

The worst, most memorable lessons learnt in life are from the ones who preach love. You may hear thousands of ways to learn but in a conquest to try ,you see the truth unfolding ; the very truth that those who feign guidance are the very ones who are at their worst form of debauchery. Even if it kills you deep inside to say something, you just can’t ,when what you say, just becames a mere interpretation of insensible.

Crescent Moon


Moon outside – cinnamon colored
Stood straight focused on me
A reflection of my delusions
Disturbed from mirror image
Exhibited on the crescent moon
I felt frail keeping the malice hidden
Jilted in wounded pride
I succumbed to oblivion
Mute till the condemn storm died
Roiled in anxiety
Missing the one who strayed
For the last time that day
I peeked at the crescent moon
flamed ; reduced to thin smoke
Burned in lightest hues
Glitches on the crust
Moon rearview showed
A heart blotched to shreds
Fabricated in dust
Revealing stoned me.

Somewhere in conscious


I was many things
A collection of pieces
Decorated to let you invade
Once unbridled in me
You stayed embedded
My affection- warm & uncanny
Mercilessly alluring
To a forbidden territory
Precepted as love
I was many things
Stinger to a core
Grieving aftermath
Endlessly till I healed
Zero immunity to faultless changes
If I were a ‘killjoy’
I would have let you suffer
What becomes opposite of platonic
Where sullen love was real
Hitting you hard
Somewhere in conscious
I was many things but
Player wasn’t one of them