Terribly Tiny Tales-IV

“I think he is into me”.

“I think she is into me”.

Confused. They stared at eachother.

“Aww! How romantic”, whispered the cupid with a devilish grin.


Adoration in the air


Giving up on her wasn’t easy

She kept saying she wasn’t ready

Life took a troll

We parted ways.

All in good spirits

She still had her demons to fight

Where as I had packed them in a bag

Not to show my weaker side to her

When she was around

Giving up on her wasn’t easy

She kept saying she wasn’t ready

It was hard to believe

After our endless chatters

Served me well

   False notions

   Fake entanglements

   Romanticising future

She was a champagne

I liked drinking through eyes


  A conspiracy of fate

Led me to her mirrors

A shallow layer was beneath it

Guarded with clutches of disappointment

Not everyone could see her turnished

Musings she was known for

Pulled off the charade of vibrancy well

A poker face -mundane & cordial

What attracted me to her

Whilst in the game of my reconciliation

To know her better

She barged away fumbling ,stuttering,jolting

The words I can hear in my nightmare

Giving up on her wasn’t easy

She kept saying she wasn’t ready

Bottle of scotch…


Whistling to myself

Strolling down the empty street

Her thoughts kept flooding my mind

Ring on her finger had my name carved

I liked her playing with it

She had find her muse now

Cornering her wasn’t embarrassing anymore

Pawns of puppets in our way

Banished like access denied

Life had given us a leverage

A chance for us to work it out again

Opinions no longer hindered

Remarks no longer offended me

Her love was like a seashore

– Infuriating & thrilling

She just kept spreading

In all my vessels

I like that to happen more often

World seems less tragic with her

I don’t mind being called as an addict

When I know she is my

Bottle of scotch

Terribly Tiny Tales

Hammering the woods, he drained in sweat

to let go of the ache to see her again . When all the while

she was there waiting for him to see her standing

on the balcony of the rooftop.


Hung over


Going down the memory lane

I started skim reading the novel of my adolescence

You were the vital part of it I remember

Every prologue starting with you

Giving me goosebumps with your being every moment

I didn’t even know I was capable of such feeling

My heart stammered around you

My facial expressions wore mask of a besotted

Forget the butterflies

I felt the whole zoo around you

You were busy wooing your eye candies

Letting me wonder why you had the audacity to do that

My curiosity to know you

Made you a page turner

Shaken to know your all your shades

Mutely I resented you

Just to give up on you

As foggy as it got

You made peace

Hibernating in your seclusion

You had your own turnados coming

Never looking back the vivid me

Never acknowledging I was there every single time

Digesting the cold truth

Now the epilogue depicts there was never really you

I was just hungover

In the crossfire of adolescence

Silent secret!

All I want for you is to not mind

The meddling done in your business

I know you aren’t of that sort to

Poke a noise in anybody whatsoever affair

But that isn’t how it goes every time

You have to just not mind it at all

There might be an easy way to stop

All the meddles, all the bull crap

By trying to retaliate

Will it give you the peace of mind

It won’t, it never actually does

No wonder it’s a wrong choice

As they say it

Deep side you know it hurts

To be a victim of baseless wrath

It just sours the mood

Leaving sufferings and pains

Nothing uplifts the spirits

You just walk away

Avoiding is a karma

It comes to knock you off, you have

Face it, deal with it,embrace it

Be silent

No more word just a sound of silence

Silence is a weapon

An answer – a justifying one

Breathe & do it

You have won yourself a battle indeed. .