Moments resurfacing !

Learnt the hard way
Counting seconds to submission
Actualization was dreading summers
Storms went subtle
Winds go, went, gone
Worries fumed
At the verge of distortion
My resolve faltered.
That verve to create a place
Left blank
Sheer anticipation to prominence
Became a gaping hole
Relations that meant dear
Drifted away to Bermuda
From the other side
Nothing appeared except
Moments resurfacing
Finding a shore in my heart
They sailed through harbour of realism.



A phone call away
Ringing ends on a fix countdown
Measuring distance at heart rate
Palpitations increasing
Gait turning lanky
Slow and resilent ground
Gives a recluse
Under the shade of trees
Ill-conceived notions rumpaging my mind
Whirlwind of assumptions
Turning a worst case extremist
Pessimism;a comfortable shoulder
Thoroughly mind boggler
Dissolving composure
I ran to the closure
Greeting in a mask
Fugitive of denial

Moot point


Every lyrics that play in the moving car of the highway with the back passenger like me adds a misery in my chest tenfold .Every drop of melancholy that fills my eyes as crystals lay heaps on my cheeks to adds redness on the scratched face. Why were you brought in my life when  every bump on the road  identified the catastrophe? Your presence was claustrophobic, dysfunctional and erratic making me stink with the stab of hate enveloped. Life was a moot point,  a dead end when it revolved around you. I wonder what it felt like when you made love to me it would have been like maggots trying to eat me up leaving me maimed for a surgeon to handle. Those eyes that made me coy only reflected dominance cowering only when lust surplus your suffocating manhood. Is that all the intimidating is always about to play S & M. That sensuality flickered in your eyes was a temptation to a ferocious rivalry that made you chase me till the end. Tell me again was it the bet that made me your savage or was it entirely canal that pushed you to limits before baring your hands on my body. Your dark soul still haunts me the moment I became hermit rather than your escort.