“Going through purgatory wasn’t for you. My mind didn’t go bland to woo you with my will for purification. It happened in the lightest of moments where my mind contemplated. The staccato pulses in my veins shuddered with ill conceived notions; I had to let the interruptions fade away to welcome the delight of desires. ”
Izza ifzaal
creation by MUA .

Soul of discretion..

The dilemma getting an upper edge
In my brain was powered enough
To make me go hysterical for wanderlust
For a very long time;
The dreams kept selling me
In that forsaken world
Without giving any precept to , how
Will I able to achieve them;
The different tangled musings I was
Shackled in welcomed me to bare
My soul to that brain I got anxiety from;
The frenzy to get things in a haste
Was sabotaging the castle of forbearance
In me leaving it to rule in the clouds of
The terror in me to attempt the
Yearnings I long for were imprisoned
In a Jail of fatigued sense;
Now hypothesizing I believe
No matter what weary notions
I get in mind, I just have to surplus
Them to best myself in my own lunatic
Ways to get an empathy from brain
Which isn’t no longer discrete from me.


Drive by!

After wearing his favourite red dress and makeup in minimal she glanced around the clock to wait for 6p.m.She was fidgety, she keep checking the mirrors in the washroom to see if her hair was ruffled or was she looking okay or not . Now past 6 o clock, he wasn’t there. He was never punctual she knew from their past meetings that he was not a good with time management . Being a bit forlorn ,suddenly she heard a phone ringing. Rushing to get her phone. She saw his number on the screen. Trying to control her exhilaration,she picked the cell he was saying, “Come outside quickly “.She responded “I ll be outside in a second”.Waving her mom good bye and saying her to close the door she saw him their in car smiling down at her.

” You look beautiful”, he said.

“Thankyou,you look great too” ,she replied with a smitten gaze.She felt his look was mermesmerizing her enough to form flames.They decided to go to McDonalds to get ice cream. Ordering choco cones by drive through ,he knew she loved Icecream but he wanted to spend time with her ,talk to her by taking her to a long drive not some crowded place where they couldn’t even hear one another. They knew this moment was perfect where they both kept listening to one another with a music in the background making every thing seem vague. What she felt for him was like her favourite quote “you are the sky, everything else is just the weather”. Smiling to her self, she woke up next day with a sigh cherishing this sweet dream.

P.s : This idea was a concept of my cousin. Will be looking forward to write it a conversation way soon.I am not active on WordPress but I will surely gonna be soon as my days are super busy. I ll definitely catch up with your blogs my adorable WP family!! GOD BLESS