A sleep to remember!

I don’t really mind being labelled us careless yeah actually I am a big time hellion not give a fig if my things are lost, I am like “Stop making a big of deal my dear family, it’s my property that’s lost & I don’t want anyone hovering my mind, it freaks me out”.So I rush to my room *thawwckkk* door closed #peace. I think next time my things are lost I should probably organize a funeral maybe that will cheer up parents & they won’t nag me any more *Pats my head in awe* 😀


Anyways coming back to the topic, one bright Sunday as in yesterday I was enjoying my sound sleep in the noon. I had been addicted to sleep for God knows this whole weekend sleeping off and on like a frog gone to hibernation mode *pukes*  me and comparing myself to frog serious I need to see a doc what the fudge is wrong with me.

My roomie out of now here just popped her big bulging eyes in front of me while I was still in my slept mode saying, “Wake up ,see what I wrote for my blog ,it’s really good I want you to see“. My inner demon wanted to shout “Please for the love of god LEAVE ME ALONE let be sleep I am not in a mood ,go away PLEASEEEE “ . Still hungover like a drunkard (I don’t do drugs lol metaphorically speaking here), she handed me her phone and I was trying to open my eyes and see what was so interesting that she had to fudging wake me up from my sweet slumber. TADAAAA! Screen lock and a dark screen wow what a day in a second I mean seriously, here I am trying to my ass off to read & how creepy the dark screen looks now locked up. .I abhor these shitty locks a times; people have become so privy they think all douche bags are interested in what’s in their phone well this douche gal ain’t interested in your phone #aaacckkkkk….

Seriously I have been reading her blog post every single day and correcting it .I know ,I know I should be helpful but then again I have a touch of saint, I ain’t a complete saint #EvilLaugh. Sleep is my ME time & I get agitated when someone tries to wake me up -_-

I was about to give her phone back to open the lock but TADAAA it landed on the floor with  slapping-the-living-daylights-out-of-me noise (If there is any sound like this) making me all sweaty and fainty at the moment.

Obviously, I had to be conscious now .Shoot! I couldn’t look her in the eye she wasn’t my old pal not to make a big deal out if it. She was my roomie & you know how roomies are #BitterReailty. Gathering up my wits, I mistakenly looked straight in to her I was like SHOOT! THAT WAS A BAD BAD IDEA! .Her fuming anger suffocated the room with such a hazardous smoke & eyes my goodness which are considered as a symbol of beauty (if I am not wrong) were shooting daggers at me.Like they were telling me HOW DARE YOU BYOTCH,Lets see now what I am gonna do with you.


I couldn’t properly eye contact with her otherwise I wouldn’t have been writing this very blog today 😀 Hi5 I am alive and breathing Whattay Relief .

I started the slogan of apologizing, “Ooops!I m sorry ,I am sorry, I am sorry I didn’t mean to do this”.I really was sorry.Hopefully giving her phone back I realized that ass-phone-breaking sound was a just trailer to freak me out BINGO it was fine..Yayee! but Shit ,Shit, Shit, the network wasn’t working!

My goodness!! Then was the coming unending torture I endured was mortifying with herrattling  “izza what I am gonna do? Izza I got this phone 5 months back, Izza do you think it will work?   izza I have to call my friend.Izza!I guess the sounds are also not working. Literally I wanted to shout out loud DON’T IZZA ME PLEASE. I was fuming with anger inside , it wasn’t my fault I was giving her the cell and it just fell sometimes things happen. It was nerve wrecking though I felt bad but still it wasn’t my fault. It couldn’t have been broken from her as well but the way she was casting me glance was enough for the earth to swallow me up and BAMM I am gone forever, but here I have survived *HI5*, I ll get her phone fixed tomorrow .I wish it works fine (please God 😂😂😂😂)


Gone was my beautiful sleep drenched rather squeezed out of me in seconds. Ahh! for tomorrow *WISH ME LUCK GUYS* :p