A tale.!!

Intrigue with precept
Precept with a thrill
A Thrill with beauty
Beauty with stains
Stains but a stare

A stare with gaze
Gaze with hope
Hope with a measure
A measure with a wave
A wave but an edge

An edge with warrant
A warrant with no bail
A bail of forgery
Forgery worth condemn
A condemn with furry
A furry but an end

An end with redemption
Redemption of reality
A reality with rust
Rust with figments
Figments with a fiction
A Fiction but a tale


Rain to her was a lingering
drop enveloping her face with
the purity of nature persuading to wave
off everything engulfing her sheer existence
drastically and trying to form her soul
intermingled with the intensity of passion
overwhelming with eruptions of cold breeze
going their way to her shimmering face
smelled of dew drops, making her look a sight
of constant bewitch along with the spell of
winds and rain hypnotizing her in the dawn of
the dusk not desiring her to bid farewell and
leave her terrace,her hermit zone, her place
bribing to stay a while longer here and
enjoy the compromise

Just me!

Just want to go everywhere
Anywhere were there is just me
Far far away from all the good
Being shoved up my a** for
no apparent reason but my mere bow

Just want to keep on running
To seek the virtue of space not
Fretting me with do’s and don’t’s
Reminding me of my flaws and faults

Just a spare of a time travel
Not willing to bind me up in a pact
Made only to ensure or secure whatsoever

Just maybe a day not hovering
Over me about the pleading sorrows
And anxiety of tomorrow shooting daggers

Maybe some moments of relishing and
Cherishing every fibre of my being for what
It is despite of every damn thing
It still beats for good and wants
Just a space to restore what’s died inside it
before its to late